A Helping Hand at Christmas

      Looking on the shelves of the local toy shop or Toy Shop megastore can be a time-consuming and disappointing task.
      Apart from the time involved, you will more often than not return empty-handed. And then you have to tell the kids that maybe Santaís elves were on strike or that Global Warming has melted a lot of the snow and made the deliveries from the North Pole really slow.......
Remember Arnie In Jingle All the Way?
       For those that donít - Itís Christmas Eve, and Arnold needs to find a Turbo Man action figure, the craze of the season.
       Only theyíre sold out, of course.
       So the race is on, and the Austrian Oak must do fierce battle with other shoppers and merchants alike, all for the prize toy with which to purchase his sonís affections.
       Well, the sad thing is this rings true; from Cabbage Patch Dolls to Playstations, the scarcity value can drive buyers to great lengths to acquire the Holy Grail of toys for their kids.
        Toy stores order months in advance to secure the right stock, so if they guess wrong about the hot toy they will be seriously understocked so itís wise to begin your buying campaign early to make sure you get the right toy.
       Sometimes, however, the item is already scarce when blue-eyed Joey puts it on his list and then you might start to panic a little....
But Help Is Now At Hand!
       Two of the better places to get hard-to-find hot toys is on ebay and Amazon and thatís one of the services that we provide here on this site.
       Instead of you having to wade through ebay and amazon to find the item you want, use our dedicated search system to pinpoint the exact item you want - and then go and join the bidding- by clicking on the item on this site!
There is absolutely no cost for this service -  and it is a great time saver when you need to look for items on sale really fast.
    Our site is updated live from ebay and Amazon so have a browse around in the categories or type the exact item name in and see if it is available.
   You can click straight through to join the auction from the item, another great feature of the site.
    Ebay and Amazon are not the only places  to source those hard-to-find toys, and our toy sleuths are constantly combing the stores and the internet to locate rare and collectable goods for our newsletter subscribers. 
    These Hot Tips List newsletters are emailed out to our subscribers through our email newsletter service and are updated at least twice a month (more often near Xmas time), so if you want to know whatís hot and whatís not (and more importantly where to get the hot items) just fill in our subscribe form thatís on the top of the page
    Donít forget to select your main area of interest in the drop down box; many of our subscribers are avid collectors and find this service really invaluable for them, and if you tell us what your main area of interest is, we can tailor the newletter to your preferences.

    We also have information on some really neat sources where collectors gather for a sort of online swap meet to trade with each other.

Enjoy the site and happy hunting.
P.S. Updated collectors lists scheduled for the December Newsletter - Subscribe Now

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